Identify your power poles with long lasting Power Pole Tags! These tags allow for proper identification of when a pole has had maintenance, while also marking pole ownership. Available in plain aluminum, either stamped or embossed. Check out our new black UV stable aluminum laser etched tags for big, bold numbers.

Power Pole Tags are available in many different sizes, colors, materials, hole sizes and placements. Contact us for more information: 859-261-2035

Popular Power Pole Style Tags

utility pole tags
Style 85 – 1″ round aluminum
overStyle 89 -1 3/6″ x 1 7/16″ (2 Tags)

power pole tag

Style 85 – 1″ round aluminum
overStyle 89 -1 3/6″ x 1 7/16″ (2 Tags)

power pole tag

Style 81 – 1 1/2″ round aluminum

electrical pole tag

Style 137 – 1 1/4″ round aluminum
overStyle 89 -1 3/6″ x 1 7/16″ (2 Tags)

One of our long-time customers is in the utility pole/power industry and uses our UV Stable Black Aluminum material for their Utility Pole Tags. They have been amazed at the longevity they’ve gotten out of their tags, especially since they are used outdoors. The photos here show one of their tags that was recently produced and one that they just took off a Utility Pole after 14 years. The barcode still scans, and the numbering is still very readable! This material is fantastic in the elements, and is time-tested!

Power Pole Tag in UV stable black aluminum


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per 1000
LOT PRICE FOR PLATE TAG SHAPES – Special Charges could apply
.050″ Plain Aluminum8.00 lbs37.5045.0052.5060.0067.5075.0082.5090.0097.50105.00945.00
.050″ Colored Aluminum8.00 lbs40.0050.0060.0070.0080.0090.00100.00110.00120.00130.001170.00
.040″ UV Stable Black Aluminum8.00 lbs41.1052.2063.3074.4085.5096.60107.70118.80129.90141.001269.00
.064″ Aluminum12.00 lbs41.1052.2063.3074.4085.5096.60107.70118.80129.90141.001269.00
.030″/.031″ Stainless Steel14.00 lbs41.1052.2063.3074.4085.5096.60107.70118.80129.90141.001269.00
.047″/.048″ Stainless Steel26.00 lbs53.1066.2079.3092.40105.50118.60131.70144.80157.90171.001539.00
.036″ Brass18.00 lbs55.5071.0086.50102.00117.50133.00148.50164.00179.50195.001755.00
.050″ Plain Aluminum15.00 lbs40.8051.6062.4073.2084.0094.80105.60116.40127.20138.001242.00
.050″ Colored Aluminum15.00 lbs45.8061.6077.4093.20109.00124.80140.60156.40172.20188.001692.00
.040″ UV Stable Black Aluminum15.00 lbs49.3068.6087.90107.20126.50145.80165.10184.40203.70223.002007.00
.064″ Aluminum20.00 lbs49.3068.6087.90107.20126.50145.80165.10184.40203.70223.002007.00
.030″/.031″ Stainless Steel25.00 lbs49.3068.6087.90107.20126.50145.80165.10184.40203.70223.002007.00
.047″/.048″ Stainless Steel37.00 lbs62.3084.60106.90129.20151.50173.80196.10218.40240.70263.002367.00
.036″ Brass30.00 lbs65.8091.60117.40143.20169.00194.80220.60246.40272.20298.002682.00
≤ 7/8″ Tag Heights
.050″ Plain Aluminum17.00 lbs61.8073.6085.4097.20109.00120.80132.60144.40156.20168.001512.00
.050″ Colored Aluminum17.00 lbs67.1084.20101.30118.40135.50152.60169.70186.80203.90221.001989.00
.040″ UV Stable Black Aluminum17.00 lbs71.3092.60113.90135.20156.50177.80199.10220.40241.70263.002367.00
.030″/.031″ Stainless Steel30.00 lbs71.3092.60113.90135.20156.50177.80199.10220.40241.70263.002367.00
.036″ Brass32.00 lbs89.70119.40149.10178.80208.50238.20267.90297.60327.30357.003213.00
≥ 1″ < 2" Tag Heights


.050″ Plain Aluminum35.00 lbs72.9085.8098.70111.60124.50137.40150.30163.20176.10189.001701.00
.050″ Colored Aluminum35.00 lbs82.40104.80127.20149.60172.00194.40216.80239.20261.60284.002556.00
.040″ UV Stable Black Aluminum35.00 lbs85.50111.00136.50162.00187.50213.00238.50264.00289.50315.002835.00
.064″ Aluminum45.00 lbs85.50111.00136.50162.00187.50213.00238.50264.00289.50315.002835.00
.030″/.031″ Stainless Steel70.00 lbs85.50111.00136.50162.00187.50213.00238.50264.00289.50315.002835.00
.036″ Brass80.00 lbs101.90133.80165.70197.60229.50261.40293.30325.20357.10389.003501.00
> 2″ Tag Heights
Aluminum50.00 lbs114.00148.00182.00216.00250.00284.00318.00352.00386.00420.003780.00
Stainless Steel & Brass90.00 lbs124.50169.00213.50258.00302.50347.00391.50436.00480.50525.004725.00


  • Special Charges could apply to these tags
  • Black/White Paint Filled Characters: Price $.15 each (per side)
  • Prices for tags are based on material and size grouping. Each change in material or style is priced separately.
  • Price includes stamping & consecutive numbers – contact us for pricing for extensive type changes.
  • 1/2” number-aluminum tags only -$20 set-up We can laser just about anything if you need a bigger number – contact us for pricing.
  • One 1/8” hole top of tag is standard on most shapes and included in the above prices.
    Additional holes, different locations, sizes, slots – $25 set-up. (Most rectangle and oval tags have 2 holes standard)
  • 2-Sided Stamping add $25 for Aluminum tags and $75 for Brass or Stainless
  • .064″ Aluminum available in Plain, Blue, Red, Green, Orange
  • Wet Tumbling$15 per 1000 or $25/1000 no holes, un-numbered or $150/1000 no holes, numbered (less than 1000 tags – 1000 charge applies)
  • *Some RED PRICE Tags have an asterisk* , add 5% to the RED PRICE above. (#93 not available in Colored Aluminum)
  • Contact us for current stock of materials available for 2 1/8″ and 3″ tag heights